I really want to get in to a particular seminar. Is there a way the program can help?

If you are a Senior and you need to get into a specific course in order to complete your CogSci study plan, please send a note to both the DUS and the Chair no later than one week before the relevant semester’s shopping period begins. Seminar instructors often give enrollment preference to senior majors in their home disciplines, on the grounds that such students need to complete these courses in order to graduate. If a course is required for your cognitive science study plan, we will contact the instructor on your behalf and try to help you gain admission on analogous grounds – and if it is not possible for you to be admitted, we will help you find an appropriate alternative. (In exceptional circumstances, we may be in a position to make such petitions on behalf of juniors – for example, when a seminar is central to a student’s study plan, and there is reason to expect that no similar seminar will be offered during the student’s senior year.) Just remember: in order for us to help you in this way we need to have your requests as early as possible, and certainly at least one week before the shopping period that semester begins.