How can I find funding to support my research?

We are currently attempting to develop funding sources from within the cognitive science program itself. For now, though, many students obtain funding from several other sources in the university and beyond to support their research (e.g. to purchase materials or pay experimental subjects). Among these opportunities:

  • Perhaps the most common source of research funding is your research supervisor herself/himself. Many (but not all) faculty members have grants and/or discretionary funding that can be used to support such projects – especially if those projects fall within their own primary research goals, and/or if you have already been assisting in their laboratory.
  • CGSC seniors are able to obtain up to $100 for their research on their senior project in conjunction with the Dept. of Psychology.  Forms are available in K 109. The forms need to be signed by your senior research advisor in addition to the CGSC DUS.
  • Many students find that they can support their research through various funding sources that are managed by their residential colleges.
  • Yale College itself also has a number of funding opportunities, many of which are summarized here. Of these various funding sources, two are especially popular. First, the Yale College Dean’s Research Fellowship in the Sciences and the Yale College Dean’s Research Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences each often fund cognitive science students to conduct research (often with Yale faculty) over the summers.