Can I count this particular course for the major?

To find out if a particular course will count for the major, follow these four steps: 

  1. Check to see if it is included in the list of relevant courses that is printed in the hardcopy bluebook. If so, then skip to step #4.
  2. Send a short note to the DUS with the name of the course, asking to see whether it counts. If you get a positive reply, then skip to step #4. Otherwise, go on to step #3.
  3. To find out if this course will be counted in principle (assuming that it fits into your overall course plan), send all of the following to the DUS by email:
    • The name, number, and department of the course, as well as the semester during which it will be taught, and the name of the instructor
    • The course syllabus and reading list
    • A separate list of readings from the course that are drawn from the cognitive science literatures, broadly construed. (This is something you’ll have to construct by examining and annotating the syllabus. This will ensure that when looking through the syllabus, the DUS doesn’t miss one of the readings that you thought was important and relevant.)
    • A 1-paragraph statement on why you think the course should count for the major, including a discussion of how the material will be approached in a manner consistent with cognitive science, and taking into account the points noted in the preceding entry on How do you decide what courses count for the major?
  4. After you’ve found out that the course can count in principle, follow the instructions in the entry above on Can I change my course plan? If so, how do I do that?